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Pastor's Vlog - August hiatus

Hey there, friends. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that we're taking a break from the vlog for August. This has been a grueling season for so many of us, and it's a really good, godly thing to make some space and time for being refreshed and reinvigorated. We pray that you have opportunities to be renewed in body, soul, and mind, both during this strange season in our world, and always. We'll look forward to delving back into The Tangible Kingdom and the Psalms (along with Lewis' commentary) when our break is over. God's peace to you! 

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Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 19

Psalm 139, one of the most beautiful and life-giving from the Bible's collection of song lyrics/poetry, has a really stinging, jarring portion of curse language that can be hard to understand in context. How do we grapple with those impulses and desires to see God's curse, His righteous judgment fall on the wicked...and not see if it fall us us? 

Adventures in Joining Jesus - Lyn

A conversation between Pastor Aaron and Lyn about what God has been teaching us in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 18

Lewis helps us read the Psalms by making the incredibly helpful distinction between a Jewish view of judgment versus a Christian view of judgment. When we feel oppressed and downtrodden with nobody to defend us, the Psalms begging for judgment and vindication can be a source of hope, not condemnation. In our conversation about The Tangible Kingdom, we talk briefly about the disconnect between our society's almost universal desire for spirituality and the modern church's inability to connect the truth and life of Jesus to that impulse...with a view to bridge that gap.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 17

As an Oxford don and expert in English literature, C.S. Lewis is quick to point out how the parallelism found in poetry is an important feature of the book of Psalms. When we find in the parallels between God's story and life, and ours, we can be more apt to hear what God is telling us, and better prepared to help others listen, too. Our first conversation about The Tangible Kingdom touches on the difficulties of seeing incongruities between real life with God and the activities of the institutional church, and the hope that comes from reuniting them through relationships.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 16

We wrap up our reflections on the Early Church and the book of Acts with the encouragement that God is still writing the story of His people in and through us, and that He gives us opportunities in every set of circumstances to live out the faith we profess in real life. Also, we begin our journey through Hugh Halter & Matt Smay's The Tangible Kingdom, as we seek to live on the mission of Jesus and incarnate His presence through the power of His Spirit living in us.

Adventures in Joining Jesus - Linda

A conversation between Pastor Aaron and Linda, our preschool director, about what God has been teaching us in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.