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Worship at Home - Lent Midweek 6

Our Lent Midweek meditation is on the Lord's Supper through the lens of sure and certain Hope and Luther's discussion of this important topic in the Small Catechism. To go to the Youtube playlist that contains the service, click here.





COVID-19 Pandemic Vlog Day 13

Day 13! Lots going on, and plenty of ways to engage in God's Word, which is for ALL people, young and old, Jew and Gentile. May God's peace/shalom be with you always.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 12

Day 12! "Truly, we are all beggars!" Luther's words of truth are met by the identity God gives us as His kids, and heirs of His Kingdom. How blessed are we?!?

COVID-19 Vlog Day 11

We're starting up Week 3 for this vlog with Day 11. Does history have its eyes on you? How do we respond with faith in the midst of uncertainty? God is our refuge and strength, always!


Worship at Home - Lent 5A (March 28 & 29)

Here's the link to the Worship at Home playlist on Youtube, for your immediate access: Click Here!

Or, you may watch each of the videos individually below.

















COVID-19 Vlog Day 10

Day 10! Week 2 is in the books, and God is still always. Let our response to adversity not be too much like God's children, facing the Red Sea, but let our faith be steadfast in crisis.

Chapel Talk, Home Edition - Jesus and the Children