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COVID-19 Vlog Day 6

Day 6 - Read Psalm 91 with me and listen to God's promise of protection.

Worship at Home - Lent 4A (March 21 & 22)

Here's the link to the Worship at Home playlist on Youtube, for your immediate access: Click Here!

Or, you may watch each of the videos individually below.




COVID-19 Vlog - Day 5

Day 5 - This is the last post for the weekend. I pray you take time for the recharging rest that the Sabbath is designed by God to be for you, both spiritually AND physically. See you on Monday!

COVID-19 Vlog - Day 4

COVID-19 Vlog Entries Recap

In case you missed it, or if you're not on Youtube or Facebook, here's a recap of the last few days of the vlog (video blog) entries.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3

Worship at Home - Midweek Lent 4

Because it is impossible for us to be together as a church family, we remain the church scattered. May you find comfort in the Word of God, His promises, and the identity He grants us in baptism.

Here are a few thoughts for you in lieu of our Midweek Lenten service: Click here to play the Youtube service playlist.  Or watch them below.

May God keep you safe in His care, and may HIs peace be with you always. 

For Families - Worry Monster

A little activity/exercise you can do with kids in the midst of the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic.