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Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 15

Paul's seafaring adventure in Acts 27 reminds us that God's purpose will be achieved regardless of human weakness. Even in the midst of a shipwreck in the making, Paul listens for God's voice and finds grace for himself and the entire group of passengers and crew. And we finish up our AskSchell5 series with a conversation about prayer and its place in our household.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 14

Paul's third and final expression of his conversion story provides a model for telling our own faith stories. Sometimes, the best stories to tell are the ones that deepen in meaning and remind us best of God's faithfulness to us throughout our lifetimes. And in our AskSchell5 segment, we tackle worries about financial concerns.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 13

Paul's appeal to Caesar might seem like a master misstep, but in actuality, it indicates his attentiveness and obedience to the voice of the Spirit, closing one door and opening another. And we each weigh in on the blessings and challenges of being a pastor's family in the second installment of AskSchell5.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 12

Paul's message, consistent throughout his church-planting missionary journeys, doesn't change when he has to face the Roman governor Felix in Caesarea: belief in the God of the Old Testament and Jesus of Nazareth, the fulfillment of the law and all the prophets. His consistency is a model for us today. And as we begin our segment AskSchell5, a window into life in our family, we talk about our values: In Schell5, we 1) reflect God's love, 2) are stronger together, 3) celebrate each other, 4) look before we leap, and 5) welcome others. We don't have it all figured out. But we hope that our living example will give you something to follow as we all seek to follow Jesus' example.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 11

God provides Paul with the wit and protection to face two serious risks, with political intrigue and spy-caper hijinks ensuing in Acts 23. We round out our conversation with Comer by expressing how easy the book was to read, but how we're going to continue to wrestle with putting it into practice, as is true of much of the Christian life. Please submit questions about life and ministry for our segment next week, "Ask Schell5." We'll give you a little window into life in our household, in hopes it will help you follow Jesus, as we strive to do.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 10

Despite Paul's best communications techniques, honed and matured over many conversations on his missionary journeys, he is unable to break through to the mob in Jerusalem, who can't stand that his story includes a mandate from God to preach to the Gentiles. It should encourage us to make every attempt to meet people where they are, but not to be discouraged if many inevitably reject us and the One who sends us. And we round out the conversation about the 4 hurry-eliminating practices by slowing things down with practical games to play.

Pastor's Vlog - Ep. 9

Paul's missionary journeys find their terminus in Jerusalem, where he is misunderstood and maligned by Judaizers, despite the best efforts of the leaders there to help him affirm the Old Testament by his actions. As we seek not to misunderstand and malign each other in this day and age, it is prudent to ask questions and have discussions instead of making assumptions and firing unfounded accusations. And Comer encourages us to be intentional in our spending habits, so that our lives are light, uncluttered, and oriented toward the heart of God and relationships with our neighbors.