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COVID-19 Vlog Day 48

Day 48! Acts 13 marks the beginning of Paul's missionary journeys, sent out by the Holy Spirit, and in Proverbs we learn to rightly value the place of parents and God's leading. Comer encourages us to recognize the symptoms of "hurry sickness" and take action to counteract them by paying attention to what God is doing around us.

Adventures in Joining Jesus - Jerry

An extended look at the conversation between Pastor Aaron and Jerry about what God is teaching us in quarantine. 

COVID-19 Vlog Day 47

Day 47! In Acts 12, God points expresses through Peter's release from prison that nothing can stand in the way of the Gospel, and in Proverbs, we are exhorted to find wisdom through self-awareness and true growth. Comer gives us a brief history of speed, and encourages us to notice the dangers of a sped-up, hurried world.

Adventures in Joining Jesus - Doreen

An extended look at the conversation between Pastor Aaron and Doreen about what God is teaching us in quarantine. 

Worship at Home - Seventh Sunday of Easter

It's Memorial Day weekend, and while we celebrate the lives of those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the American people, we also celebrate the One from whom comes all godly, sacrificial instincts. God was willing to give Himself for us on the cross to protect us from all harm and danger that could destroy us eternally. So as you celebrate Memorial Day, remember Jesus' love poured out for you, and be prepared to make the sacrifices He may ask of you as you seek to love those around you like He's first loved you.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 46

Day 46! Acts 11 displays the growth of the transplanted church in Antioch, as the Spirit of God drives the mission and calls Jesus' followers to walk with Him in faith. Proverbs 21 encourages us to trust God's plans and insight, and Comer urges us to see hurry as the enemy of spiritual life and growth. So slow down. Listen. Savor. Be reminded that God is good. I'll see you on Tuesday...have a blessed, unhurried Memorial Day!

COVID-19 Vlog Day 45

Day 45! Acts 10 gives us a window into God's ability to change hearts and turn them toward Him and others who are different, while Proverbs encourages us to be motivated by kindness in our generosity. Leeann and I begin our conversation about John Mark Comer's book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.