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COVID-19 Vlog Day 35

Day 35, and Week 7 is in the books! Making room for the lost cause is what Jesus does best, as we see in the stories of Jonah, Zacchaeus, and  Paul. And finding redemptive moments in stories we love (even ones not terribly well-written) points us to the truth and beauty with which God has saturated this world.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 34

Day 34! Making room for the church means enjoying the sweet communion of a people drawn together by the love expressed to us and for us on the cross. And creating a space in which we can feel a sense of belonging can begin to satiate the longing found in every human heart for Home.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 33

Day 33! Making room for children can be tricky, but it can also be some of the most joyful, rewarding time and energy we adults can spend. And Nat and I talk about what inspires us to push back the dark and persevere against the Resistance that tries to shut us down.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 32

Day 32! Making room for strangers often looks like being open to conversations with not-yet-friends, and allowing the Spirit of Jesus to lead the way. And my daughter and I start a conversation about creativity in light of Andrew Peterson's Adorning the Dark.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 31

Day 31 and the beginning of Week 7. Making space for widows and orphans means learning to walk with those who grieve a loss and feel abandoned, to collectively grieve the brokenness of the Fall and sin. And when our identity is secure in Christ, our job isn't to create the sacred, but simply to point it out or amplify it.

Worship at Home - Third Sunday of Easter

As we continue to shelter in place, the truth of God's promises continue to sustain us. We gather, not in person, but by the Spirit of Jesus in us that draws us together as His family. May God bless our time "together" as we celebrate the Third Sunday of Easter around our Table spaces, waiting patiently for the day when we can gather in person in our Temple space.

COVID-19 Vlog Day 30

Day 30! As we make space even for those who have mistreated us, we pray that God makes His gracious and forgiving presence even more real for those around us. And in every creative endeavor, we have to learn by doing, become by practicing.