Church Service Opportunities

Our members serve within our church in a variety of ways. Working along side our Pastor, we have officers and board members who attend to the operations of the church, the spiritual care of members, the upkeep of the church property, plan fellowship activities, and much more.

Our boards are:

Elders Care of the membership and oversight of staff
Fellowship Plan activities for connections among members
Trustees Care of our church building and property
Stewardship Offerings for our congregation and mission work
Outreach & Connection Plan community events, connections with visitors
Christian Education Education for children & adults, oversight of preschool
Youth Work with Jr High & HS youth to foster fellowship
Cemetery Oversight of Immanuel cemetery on St. Francis Road
Are you interested in getting involved in one of the boards listed above, or with Ruth Society, noted below? Please send an email to to be put in touch with the right person!

Ruth Society

Women's group -- meetings are first Thursday of the month September through June  What do we do?

  • prepare the altar for worship service
  • care for many of the items used in worship
  • beautify the sanctuary with banners and holiday flowers
  • organize funeral dinners
  • send get-well cards
  • host annual Fall Festival with dinner and craft show