Oct 2023: Baptism Module
Jan 2024: Ten Commandments Module
Feb 2024: Confession & Absolution Module

Registration for the 2023-24 confirmation program.

Our approach to confirmation seeks to encourage conversation and curiosity that leads to lifelong faith formation.

Each of the six Chief Parts of the catechism is handled in its own module, with a module running a total of 4 sequential weeks. Three modules will be offered each year so that a student could conceivably complete the educational component in two calendar years, if desired. In a season of life that is busy for both youth and adults, we believe this is the best way to account for full schedules without sacrificing any content or context for faith formation.

A set of capstone projects must also be completed before the confirmation ceremony. Once all of the requirements are met, a young person will be well-prepared to make his or her confirmation, which can be scheduled either for Reformation Sunday (in the fall) or Palm Sunday (in the spring).


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