Preschool Staff

Immanuel is blessed with a staff that loves Jesus and loves children!  All staff members hold degrees in education, and each year the staff pursues professional development hours of best practices in early childhood education.

Preschool Director
Mrs. Linda Marquardt

Linda became Immanuel's Preschool Director in November 2017. She has previous experience as both a preschool teacher and director. She lives in Mokena with her husband, two teenage sons, and their dog.
Favorite Colors:  Green, Purple, Yellow
Favorite Foods:  Cookies, Cheese
Favorite Preschool Activity:  Greeting the children each morning!
Favorite Bible Verse:  Matthew 17:20
(Faith can move mountains)

Mrs. Tina Beugger

Joined ILP staff:  September 1995
Favorite Color:  Orange
Favorite Food:  Deep Dish Pizza
Favorite Preschool Activity:  Watching children interacting -- their imagination.
Favorite Bible Verse:  Psalm 107:1a
"Give thanks to the Lord for he is good!"

Mrs. Tami Folgersnull

Joined ILP staff:  
Favorite Color:  
Favorite Food:  
Favorite Preschool Activity:  
Favorite Bible Verse:  



Mrs. Michelle Hoag

Joined ILP staff:  August 2017
Favorite Color:  Green
Favorite Food:  Dark Chocolate
Favorite Preschool Activity:  Math activities
Favorite Bible Story:  Naaman and the servant girl (found in 2 Kings chapter 5)

Ms. Jo Ann Rohlfs

Joined ILP staff:  August 2017
Favorite Color:  Yellow
Favorite Food:  Yogurt
Favorite Preschool Activity:  the Christmas Program
Favorite Bible Passage:  Hebrews 11 (faith)


Mrs. Barbara Callaghan

Joined ILP staff:  August 2018
Favorite Color:  Pink
Favorite Food:  Fettuccini Alfredo
Favorite Preschool Activity:  Arts & Crafts
Favorite Bible Verses:  1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 (Love is ...)